Tending the Self

In the quiet refuge of the garden,
bathed in sunbeam’s glow
and rain’s gentle kiss, 
I kneel,
hands cradling a seed, 
a microcosm of life in a speck, indeed.
Bare feet on the soil, 
a sacred tangible link,
connecting my soul with the world’s pulse, 
my hands, 
gentle keepers of life’s spark,
the rhythm of the earth pulsing in my heart.
Digging into the soil, 
cool, moist and deeply profound, 
where ancient secrets quietly sleep, 
with each breath, 
a shared exchange, 
air, life, and love, in an endless range.
Cradling a seed – I’m holding hope, 
planting dreams, 
learning to cope, 
mastering the art of the tightrope,
a soft whisper to the patient earth, 
a silent prayer of rebirth.
Eyes closed, 
heart open wide, 
sensing life on the rising tide, 
welcoming the ride,
in the hush of stillness, 
hear the harmony 
of wind, of life, of a growing tree.
Life flourishes in the soil’s embrace, 
unfolds in its gentle cradle 
each seed’s journey is a delicate race, 
a tender fable,
a mirror of our shared existence, 
a testament to life’s persistence.
In the cradle of the earth, 
I find peace, 
my worries soften, 
my thoughts cease…
I am a thread in the splendid weave,
in the garden’s wisdom, 
I truly perceive.
Every seed planted – a silent mantra, 
every bud – a nascent sutra, 
in the heart of the garden 
I am free, 
gardening – a mindful ceremony.

(2019 © Julia Delaney)


Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia



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